Fine Art Rescue Deux

December, 2009

1433 West Chicago Avenue


T 312.563.0977

F 312.563.1011


Open: Monday- Friday 9am - 5pm

             or by appointment


the architrouve

Contexture Donna Hapac and Paul Clark 

June, 2010

Under the Viaduct Chicago Avenue Muralists

October, 2009

Mixed Company William Marhoefer

August, 2009

this is 606 Ray Pride

June, 2009

Absence Presence Jason Peot and Perry Pollock

April, 2009

Fine Art Rescue Revisited

December, 2008

City of Charcoal Mary Livoni

October, 2008


September, 2008

Genuine Object  William Marhoefer

April, 2008

New Abstractions  Brenda Barnum and Marianna Levant

February, 2008

Ashtrays to Art

February, 2008

Stumbling Still  Quang Hong

November, 2007

White Black  Wesley Kimler and SANDRO

September, 2007

This Side of Hope  Michael Genovese, Carlos J. Ortiz, Jon Lowenstein

July, 2007

The City Etchings 1993-2003   Tony Fitzpatrick

April, 2007

Art Rescue

February, 2007

New Work

Rhonda Gates and David Roth

Eye of the Storm, I Witness

Joshua Mann Pailet

Chicago Representation

Tony Fitzpatrick

Leap of Faith James Jankowiak 

October, 2010