Meticulous Detail

16 September - 18 November 2011

Opening Reception:

Friday, 16 September 2011

                                                                                                                                                 6-9 pm

Dan Gamble

Christina Haglid

James Stephens


the architrouve

Meticulous Detail: Conservators' Paintings

Fine art and conservation seem to go hand in hand.  Most works of art, in all mediums, are affected by conservators from conservation assessments to conservation procedures.  No work of art is immune to the hand of the conservator as there is no greater attribution to a work of art than “the hand of the artist”.  Hand in hand, the artist and the conservator.  On one hand, the conservator is an artist.  The other hand, the artist is a conservator.  The attention to meticulous detail as a conservator combined with highly qualified, intuitive skills of an artist exemplifies the three superior artists exhibiting for the first time together at the Architrouve.  All three artists, Dan Gamble, Christina Haglid and James Stephens work together as fine art conservators at Joel Oppenheimer, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois.

Dan Gamble has worked as a fine art conservator for 14 years.  He understands that decay is part of the process and that all works of art will change over time.  His work as an artist is becoming obsessed with order, control and decay.  According to Mr. Gamble, both activities, conservator and artist, require a great deal of time, experience, memory and knowledge.

Christina Haglid works as a paper conservator and her own works on paper are influenced in terms of materials, painting techniques and subject matter.  Her watercolors are influenced by the conservation in-painting and consolidating techniques that she utilizes in the laboratory.  The close observation of artists’ techniques and constant exposure to imagery has had a multi-layered effect in the conception and execution of Ms. Haglid’s body of artistic work.

James Stephens primarily works as a conservator cleaning and restoring natural history prints and paintings.  Since he looks at imagery all day, he is influenced as an artist by both imagery and technique.  Mr. Stephens has painted scenes of industrial and urban decay filling these landscapes with discarded industrial debris.  Over time, these illustrations of blight evolve and Nature takes over.  The works become organic and Mr. Stephens fills his work with plants, birds and an occasional flower.

The Architrouve is proud to present this exhibition.  We have known these artists as conservators for years and now we wish to explore their deeply personal artistic qualities that have quietly and professionally impacted their contributions to art conservation.  The Architrouve wishes to thank the artists as well as their galleries including but not limited to ZG Gallery and Ann Nathan Gallery.

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